Chineham Village Hall

Chineham Village Hall

Thornhill Way



RG24 8YE

Booking Line - 07935 328172


Logo used with kind permission from Chineham Parish Council


Q When do I have to pay for my hire? What methods of payment do you accept?

A. The deposit is required when placing the booking and the rest is paid no later than 4 weeks in advance of your hire date. You are welcome to pay the whole balance on booking if you wish. Our Booking Clerk will explain methods of payment when she accepts your booking.


Q. Why do I have to pay a deposit? Is it returnable?

A. If you wish, we will hold a provisional booking for you for a few days after your enquiry, allowing you to make a decision and finalise your plans. Once you have decided, we will need your completed booking form together with a deposit of £100.The deposit is used to hold the booking for you, with the remainder payable a month before your event.  As long as everything is left in good condition and the terms and conditions have been followed, your deposit will be returned to you within 10 days.


Q Is it possible to book a hall for a short period of time on a regular basis?

A. Yes, if availability allows. You can check availability/rates on the website and the Booking Clerk will be able to confirm if the time you require the hall is available, and the hourly rate.  You will be expected to leave the hall(s) clean and tidy after each and every session, this includes returning any tables and chairs you have used to their storage area, ready for the next hirer.


Q. Can I bring my own alcohol?

A. The Management Committee rarely gives permission to bring your own alcohol, and instead recommend a trusted company you can engage who provide a fully stocked and staffed bar for a modest fee. They will also ensure the licence is in place for your event.  We accept that a toasting drink i.e. champagne is often required for events held, and will usually give permission for that, but it must be given in writing.


Q What is included in the hire of the main hall?

A. For the Main Hall you have access to plenty of tables and chairs. There is a built in stage at one end of the hall with full width stage curtains and coloured stage lights if you need them. The kitchen has sinks, tea urn, a microwave, and 2 fridges. There is a serving hatch which opens onto the Main Hall. If your event requires a bar, the kitchen and serving hatch are used for this purpose. There is free parking on site and disabled access and toilet facilities.


Q Where are the chairs and tables kept in the main hall?

A. The tables and chairs are stored at either side of the stage in the Main Hall. It is your responsibility to ensure they are returned and stored safely and correctly.  


Q. Do I have to clean up after my hire of the main hall?

A. Yes you do. Any room you hire must be left clean and tidy. There are brooms, mops and bin liners in the kitchen cupboard and you must take your rubbish out to the bins which can be found at the rear of the hall near the car park. Please place all your rubbish IN the bin, and not on the floor. Similarly please make sure no rubbish is left out at the entrance to the building. Leaving the hall and surrounding area in a mess could compromise your deposit.


Q. Do I need any keys to get in? Who locks up?

A. Our Booking Clerk will make arrangements with you in order that you can gain access and lock up after your event. After you have unlocked the door using a key, please remember there are door codes on both the main hall and the community rooms doors – pulling on the door without using the code can result in damage to the door and you could be charged for the repair.


Q. Is there a limit to the volume of music I want played?

A. The main hall is fitted with a noise limiter to ensure the surrounding neighbourhood is not disturbed by loud music. However, as the main hall is air conditioned and doors and windows should therefore remain closed, the volume of music can be quite high before the limiter is activated.  Should this happen, the power will automatically go off and will resume after a few minutes when the volume level is lowered.


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